Fresh Rags is Pinellas County's premier streetwear boutique. Over the course of several years, mantic has assisted Fresh Rags in becoming a recognized national brand in the streetwear industry and a successful online business.


Using a combination of SEM, Social, and Influencer marketing tactics combined with stunning branding and a focus on digital activation, Fresh Rags has grown into a successful e-commerce business as well as a recognizable brick-and-mortar destination.

Employee Handbook Design + Implementation
Social Distancing Signage
In-Store Refund Policy


In 2020 we partnered with Fresh Rags to help redesign and brand their flagship location in Pinellas Park, FL. Through a collaborative effort we were able design a unique retail experience unlike anywhere else in the sunshine state.

Saucony x Fresh Rags x Save The Manatee® Club

Over a 2 year period, mantic served as the agency of record for the Fresh Rags x Saucony "Fresh Springs" collection.

In addition to consulting on product direction and design. Our team was responsible for many aspects of campaign direction including landing page design, social media content strategy, and facilitating a partnership with Save The Manatee® Club.