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This depends on what your goals are for your business. For example, if you have a service-based business and you want to generate as many leads as possible, then you’re going to want to primarily focus on rolling out targeted paid advertising campaigns that feature great copywriting and strong calls to action. At Mantic, you will work with a dedicated account manager to help you identify the right solutions for your business.
We are full-service internet marketing and consulting firm.  We provide marketing solutions and strategies that involve using the web. We do not offer any offline solutions such as print marketing, cold calling, or telemarketing. However, if there is a service you are looking for, just ask us; if we can’t help, we probably know someone who can.
Depending on the scope of work, it can typically take from 1-4 weeks. Sometimes longer. Before starting any project, our team drafts a project timeline to communicate the process and deadline date. During the review of the project timeline, you will want to communicate to us any desired delivery dates and potential roadblocks. After we mutually agree on a delivery date, we begin work.
Different solutions come with different price tags. Since we do not offer pre-packaged, cookie-cutter marketing solutions; your marketing investment with us will be something that we provide after an initial consultation and the completion of brand research. There are many factors that impact your marketing investment recommendations (e.g. goals, timeline, competition, products or services being promoted, management/optimization time invested etc). You can always start with a small budget, but your expectations should be aligned with what you’re willing and able to invest in your marketing efforts.
Yes, you can always cancel your monthly plan at any time with a minimum 7-day notice before the renewal date. Cancellations must be made via email and sent to [email protected].
We currently offer three different ways to pay: Bank Payment (ACH), check, or debit/credit card. For check payments, no fees apply.
All online payments will have processing fees applied.
Due to the high degree of variability and time investment in the work we do, in most instances, we do not offer discounts on any of our professional services.
However, if we do provide a discount on services rendered it is always determined on a case-by-case basis.
You. Every campaign and project we create for you is yours. You can always access files and reports through your client drive.
*Note: We may ask for the right to feature standout campaigns/projects in company case studies.
Our team is primarily located in Tampa Bay, Florida. We also have a network of contractors and vendors that extends globally.
You can check out our case studies as well as read about client success stories to get more information on the kind of work we do and the results we produce.
We are also certified partners with several world renowned media channels and providers; including Google, Microsoft Ads, CallRail, and Yelp.
All of our strategist are also required to hold at minimum, certifications in Google and Microsoft Ads. Many hold certifications with other marketing software and platforms.
If you are still unsure if we are the right fit for your project, please reach out to us and we can get on a call to discuss more.
We’d be happy to answer them. Go ahead and reach out to us and we’ll make sure we get all your questions answered.
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