Who we are

Mantic Media Group was founded in 2020 by long-time entrepreneur and digital-marketer, Andrew Mimault.
Our mission is to help businesses of all sizes embrace the digital future and drive scalable growth using the power of digital media.
Our name comes from combining the words Marketing, performANce, and analyTICs.
Mantic is also defined as relating to divination or prophecy (which we thought was pretty cool, so it stuck).

Mantic's 3 Pillars


What we do

Mantic Media Group is a results-driven digital growth firm specializing in paid search and social advertising, content creation, and business consulting services.
As technology rapidly changes the way brands reach and engage customers, we work to discover emerging opportunities to make your brand succeed in today’s online marketplace.

How we do It

We take a sophisticated omni-channel approach to creating success for your business by combining performance based analytic marketing with stunning creative.
We form partnerships with our clients as we work alongside them in dedicated groups to optimize and grow their business.

The Group Approach

Studies have shown for thousands of years that humans work most efficiently in small groups of 2-15.
This is at the heart of our work; our group is composed of agile, multifaceted, and highly skilled professionals that collectively drive business forward.
This approach allows us to be exceptionally collaborative and drive faster business outcomes.

Where We're From

We are based in St. Petersburg, Florida and lead a fully remote team of marketing experts, vendors, and contractors.
By utilizing a network of vendors, contractors, and industry experts that work remotely around the globe we can provide a wide variety of high-level business solutions to our clients.

Where We're Going

We are headed to help you solve your next digital problem, sell your next product, or launch your new brand.
We are just a click or call away!
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