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We work tirelessly to identify new and relevant marketing channels for our clients and their businesses. Below is one case study showcasing the results from one of our many home services client-partners.


A household name in extreme cleaning services was already an established Mantic client. They wanted to get an edge on the local competition and expand their search marketing program.


  • Drive new leads and maintain positive ROAS.
  • Increase local impression share on ads in a niche and competitive vertical.
  • Expand digital marketing efforts to find new lead generating channels.


  • Leverage Microsoft Advertising (Bing) to increase coverage of search marketing channels and get in front of new in-market customers.
  • Optimize program spend to maximize opportunity and keep impression share lost due to budget below 5% and overall impression share above 80%.


  • Generated $35.5k in incremental revenue through sales generated from Microsoft Ads.
  • Achieved ROAS of 8:1 within first 6 months.
  • Achieved ROAS of 5:1 after first 12 months.
  • Over a 12-month period: overall impression share averaged 80% and impression share lost due to budget averaged less than 1%.
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