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We work with multiple independent locations of a national crime scene and biohazard cleaning franchise to restructure and optimize their paid search advertising efforts. Below is a case study from one featured location.


The client is one of the nation’s leading providers of biohazard decontamination services. Every service the company provides – including crime scene and trauma scene cleaning, hoarding clean up, and virus decontamination – is available 24/7 and is performed by highly-trained and certified professionals. They help communities by providing critical assistance in some of life’s most difficult moments.


In the fall of 2020, the client partnered with Mantic Media Group to help scale in-home estimate appointment volume. Leading up to the partnership, the client was not consistently receiving quality leads from their search marketing efforts and had no tracking in place to gain insight into where their leads were coming from.


The client partnered with Mantic Media Group to restructure and optimize paid search advertising campaigns on Google Ads.

  • Following Mantic’s best practices, the team restructured the Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) program, separating campaigns by match type and service category. This approach allowed the team to properly fund keywords with the greatest propensity to convert.
  • Expand keyword coverage around top-converting services, create keyword parity across match types, and implement a negative keyword structure.
  • Implement call tracking to accurately track incoming leads and track back revenue associated with sales.


  • After the first month of management, impressions increased by 43%, clicks were up 29% and average CPC was decreased from $12 to $9.
  • In the 4 weeks following the first phase of the restructure, $11k in revenue was generated through Google Ads.
  • After 3 months of tracking revenue and spend, $33k in revenue was attributable to Google Ads and we achieved a ROAS of 4:1.
  • By building out additional service categories and implementing match type separation, the keyword bank was expanded 387%.
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