case study | Local Campaigns

Launch of Google Local Campaign leads to 4M impressions, $2 CPC, and 6:1 ROAS.


At Mantic we advised a local business to use Google local campaigns. These campaigns are specially designed to increase the digital visibility of physical stores through advertising placements on the Google network (Search, Maps, Display Network, Youtube, etc.).

In addition to giving stores’ greater visibility, they are less cumbersome to set up and require a reduced preparation time for the marketing department.

Prior to launching local campaigns, the advertiser was looking for cost effective ways to increase their presence in the local search landscape and expand marketing efforts to other placements within Google’s network.


  • Efficiently increase local ad presence.
  • Utilize a campaign type typically used to drive in-store foot traffic to instead drive qualified leads and incremental revenue.


  • Activation of local campaign.


The number of qualified leads was increased, and we gained increased visibility via the Google network, simultaneously.

Over a period of 67 days, local campaigns led to:

  • 4.3 million impressions and 620 clicks.
  • Average CPC of $2.02, the lowest CPC of all non-brand campaigns.
  • Incremental revenue, resulting in nearly 6:1 return on ad spend (ROAS).

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