case study | Dynamic Search Ads

Deployment of Google Dynamic Search Ads campaign leads to 42% increase in conversions, 13% decrease in CPA, and a 17% increase in overall conversion rate.


A national crime and trauma scene cleaning company tasked Mantic to increase lead volume and combat increased competition on local non-brand search terms.

Prior to launching DSA, the advertiser was seeing consistent lead volume but was struggling to maintain a healthy impression share in a highly competitive market.


  • Increase qualified lead volume.
  • Identify new keyword opportunities.
  • Increase impression share on non-brand search terms.


  • Move budget from traditional non-brand search campaigns to Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaign.
  • Use DSA to mine for new keyword opportunities.


Deployment of Google Dynamic Search Ads campaign led to:

  • 42% increase in overall conversions when compared over previous period.
  • 13% decrease in overall account CPA.
  • Achieved highest conversion rate of all campaign types (brand and non-brand), resulting in a 17% increase in overall account conversion rate.
  • 19% increase in overall account impression share.

DSA was a great choice due to its ability to capture a wide variety of searched terms, create dynamic headlines associated with the user’s query and send customers to the most relevant landing page when clicked. With niche service offerings and an increase in the local competitive landscape, DSA was used to fill the gaps in the search program and effectively reach their ideal customers.

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